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Welcome to Flying Pony Alpacas, LLC

Our Mission to you is to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between alpaca enthusiasts and ourselves through education and sales as well as service excellence. By doing this, we hope to make the alpaca business as simple and enjoyable as possible.

No relationship or sale is final until trust is. We strive for respect and accountability in this awesome industry.

At no time has Flying Pony Alpacas LLC's role in promoting trust been more important than now. With the corporate scandals occurring at "reputable" companies and the nightly news telling of some sort of fraud, we all know that all business must be held to a higher standard. The alpaca business is no different.  At Flying Pony Alpacas, trust is our primary concern.

It is important that you be able to trust who you do business with and that is an essential part of Flying Pony Alpacas' mission.  Every day we provide potential alpaca buyers with pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase, farm development, marketing and any other information that can be used to make educated purchasing decisions.

Flying Pony Alpacas, LLC and its employees have years of creating positive business relationships. All of these relationships are based on trust they have earned by performing all of their business activities in a professional and fair manner.

It is important that we do what we say we will do time and time again. We want you to rely on our information, alpacas, herdsires and services.  We want to help you build the trust and the confidence needed to move forward in your decision to start into the alpaca lifestyle or improve your current herd.

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